Conejo Valley United SC Name Change

Club LAG Announcement


October 31, 2019

Dear Galaxy Family

On November 1st, LA Galaxy will publicly announce it is ending its alliance program with San Diego, Orange
County, South Coast, Bakersfield, and our club as of May 31, 2020. This decision was made because of Galaxy’s
desire to provide support to more clubs in the region. We are grateful for the opportunity we had to be part of the
Galaxy alliance, and look forward to continuing working with Galaxy on technical support, coaching education,
and a pathway for players desiring to play with the Galaxy Academy.

For us, the only thing that will change is we will no longer wear the LA Galaxy badge on our uniforms. On June 1,
2020, we will return as Conejo Valley United. CVU started in the 1980s with the purpose of providing quality
coaching, competitive teams, and development of the whole player as a person. While the name “LA Galaxy”
certainly raised our profile, the success of the Club has been because of our great coaches and families. We have
not lost focus of our mission to help our kids achieve their full potential on the field and in life, and we fully intend
to keep that going.

Things that WILL NOT CHANGE going forward include:
• Our great coaching staff
• The flexibility we allow our teams
• The continued active support of the Board of Directors
• Our values of operating with the highest ethical and moral standards, and making decisions based on
respect, compassion, and integrity.

The Club will also continue to provide speed, agility and quickness conditioning (SAQ), goalkeeper training (four
nights a week), our two annual tournaments, and our futsal program.
It is our pleasure to serve on the Board of Directors and be part of our great Club with its almost 800 players and 59
teams, led by our great coaches. We are excited about the future, the continued growth of the Club, and most
importantly, the development of our players.

Your Board of Directors

Julie Barreto
Simon Beaven
David Bigelow
Ross Greaney
Scott Nave
Eileen Nehira
Harriet Oberman