Coast Soccer League Update, November 20th, 2020

Coast Soccer League Update, November 20th, 2020

If this year has taught us anything it is that we must be ready to adapt. Sacramento had planned on addressing a timetable for the re-opening of youth sports, but to date this has not been forthcoming. In addition, the recent surge in COVID cases and the return of Ventura and Orange counties to the “Purple” tier, make it unlikely that we will be given the go ahead to begin games this year. We are therefore updating our provisional schedule to delay the possible start of games until after the holidays, allowing everyone to plan for the upcoming holiday season.

Below is the proposed updated schedule:

Proposed Play Dates (Revised November 20,2020).

Jan 9                 Game One Youngers

Jan 10               Game One Olders

Jan 16               Game Two Youngers and Olders

Jan 17               Game Three Olders

Jan 23               Game Three Youngers

Jan 24              Game Four Olders

Jan 30              Game Four Youngers and Game Five Olders

Jan 31               Game Six Olders

Feb 6                 Game Five Youngers and Game Seven Olders

Feb 7                 Game Eight Olders

Feb 13              Game Six Youngers and Game Nine Olders

Feb 14               Game Ten Olders

Feb 20              Game Seven Youngers and Game Eleven Olders

Feb 21               Game Twelve Olders

Feb 27/28        Game Eight Youngers

Feb 28              Rain Date Olders

March 6/7       Game Nine Youngers

March 13/14   Game Ten Youngers

March 20        Game Eleven Youngers

March 21         Game Twelve Youngers

League Cup games on non-League days and/or in May.

The league will continue to monitor all announcements and will update everyone if the situation changes. In the meantime we remain fully committed to doing everything possible to get the season underway as quickly and as safely, as possible and wish everyone a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.


CSL Board

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